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We are proud to introduce to you Hussar Gruppa Ltd. Qualified staff and freight industry experience we are able to provide cost effective, time sensitive transport solutions for any size of cargo. Give your business a competitive advantage, let us tailor your transport needs - make the smart choice. Read more...

Our services

Hussar Gruppa Ltd offers a wide range of services, including distribution across both UK and the EU, next day deliveries, special delivery management, transport consultancy, advanced transport management systems with satellite tracking, as well as solutions for roadside assistance, claims adjustment, and innovative products for transport. Read more...

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Full company name: Hussar Gruppa Ltd
Company number: 9212159
Registered in: England and Wales
Operational office: Hussar Gruppa Ltd, Beacon Hill Business Park, Suite 32, Cafferata Way, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2TN
Telephone number: +44 1293 813 901
E-mail: transport@hussar-gruppa.co.uk

Hussar Gruppa Ltd is 100% owned by Hussar Transport S.A. from Warsaw, Poland.